About Utho Ngathi

Use your smile to change the world, dont let the world change your smile.

The vision of Utho Ngathi (translation from Zulu Language: “You are something because of me and I am something because of you”) is to unleash the potential of a million people with disabilities in Southern Africa.

Our mission

Our mission is to unleash the potential of a million people with disabilities in Southern Africa

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Help & Support

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Road to Changes

Real change for us does not come as a once off gift, it comes as a series of stages until we have really affected a life.

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The vision of Utho Ngathi (meaning “we are of value to each other”) is to unleash the potential of a million people with disabilities in Southern Africa.

To realize our vision the “A Road to Changes” programme of Utho Ngathi has the following key objectives:

comprehensive Research to develop optimum programmes;
increased community awareness of the needs and challenges faced by persons with disabilities and the importance of their inclusion;
facilitation of the involvement of family and community members to improve the livelihoods of persons with disabilities;
establish partnerships to develop community based rehabilitation programmes;
creating a support base for persons with disabilities and their families with sponsorships from individual and corporate supporters and donors;
establish professional partnerships, both country specific and throughout the Southern African region, to optimise and enhance all efforts;
innovative business development to ensure economic livelihoods for persons with disabilities and their families.
The organisation adopted the following core values:

Honest and open relationships with others;
Regard for the circumstances and concerns of persons with disabilities in the way staff and volunteers relate with them, their families and communities; and Transparency by providing timely, accessible and accurate information on the organisation.
Utho Ngathi also believes that trust within the organisation as well as between Utho Ngathi and partner organisations, persons with disabilities, their families and communities is key to the success of its activities.
We are on the road to changes Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to mobilise available resources and to create awareness and interest to help persons with disabilities become fulfilled and contributing members of society.

What has emerged - which so often does when potential is unleashed - are bright, hopeful persons who will grasp the slightest opportunities granted them with both hands. A little assistance, an opening of a door, and the life of not only the person with a disability but also the family and even the community they live in, is changed and brightened immeasurably.

A few of the specific achievements by Utho Ngathi to date include:

• regular visits to the homes of 600 persons with disabilities - 300in South Africa and 300 in Zambia and provided training in disability management and community based rehabilitation;
• launching 20 awareness campaigns through out South Africa and Zambia to provide information on persons with disabilities and facilitate the involvement of communities and various agencies in the development of the skills of persons with disabilities;
• provided assistive devices, i.e. wheelchairs, walking aids, spectacles, etc, to 300 persons with disabilities;
• established and arranged for the ongoing activity by community members at two day care centres in the OR Tambo District Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa; and
• establishing a boarding facility in the Southern Province of Zambia where children with disabilities are enabled to be included in mainstream education.
• assessed the needs of 600 persons with disabilities during home visits and awareness campaigns and referred them for the necessary follow-up to various agencies and organisations
• established three community commercial farming ventures in the Southern Province of Zambia, with plans for expanding to as many as fund development allows

Governance and Registration

Utho Ngathi is a registered Section 21 Not–for-Profit Company in South Africa, as well as being fully registered with the Registrar of Societies in Zambia, operating in historically disadvantaged communities in southern Africa. Our organisation is tax exempted by the South African Revenue Services, as well as by the relevant authorities in Zambia. Utho Ngathi implements the guidelines on corporate governance as set out in the World Association of Non-governmental Organisations “Code of Ethics and Conduct for NGOs” document. At the operational level the organisation has prepared the necessary constitution and other legal documents to reflect these guidelines.

Our Patron

Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda (born 28 April 1924)[1], also known as KK, served as the first President of Zambia, from 1964 to 1991.
Kaunda is the youngest of eight children born to an ordained Church of Scotland missionary and teacher. He followed his father's steps in becoming a teacher. He was at the forefront of the struggle for independence from British rule. Dissatisfied with Nkumbula's leadership of the Northern Rhodesian African National Congress, he broke away and founded the Zambian African National Congress, later becoming the head of the United National Independence Party. He was the first President of the independent Zambia.
In 1972 all political parties except UNIP were banned. At the same time, Kaunda oversaw the acquisition of majority stakes in key foreign-owned companies. The oil crisis of 1973 and a slump in export revenues put Zambia in a state of economic crisis. International pressure forced Kaunda to change the rules that had kept him in power. Multi-party elections took place in 1991, in which Frederick Chiluba, the leader of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, ousted Kaunda.

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