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Utho Ngathi Disabilty Projects is an organisation that seeks to help people with disabilities who are in rural, isolated and often disadvantaged areas of Southern Africa.

The organisation works in partnership with government agencies and other organisations to help and deliver necessary support to people with disabilities. The number of people living with disabilities in the Southern African region is estimated to be 10 to 15% of the population which translates to about 12 million people. Of these 12 million only about 2% have access to support necessary for their disabilities. The sad facts also show that 90% of children with intellectual disabilities in Africa die before they reach the age of 5 years compared to the 15% of children without intellectual disabilities.

The Zulu expression of Utho Ngathi embodies the concept that "we are of value to each other" which is drives our vision to "unleash the potential of a million people with disabilities in Southern Africa."

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Our Patron is His Excellency, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, The first president of the Democratic Republic of Zambia

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A Road to Changes

This is an initiative by Utho Ngathi to effectively address the dire challenges faced by persons with disabilities.

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